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Clay Figures

sculpR700x480.jpg - white clay, Memphis, TN 1983.sculpL680x480.jpg -  white clay, Memphis, TN 1983.
Figures in White Clay, about 16 inches tall, 1982-83
These were done during my freshman year at Rhodes College, Memphis, TN, under Lon Anthony.

Raku Masks - Early Hominids

raku_male_face_640x360.jpg - Raku gorilla_mask_640x640.jpg
gorilla_skull2_640x430.jpg lucy_skull_640x640.jpg
Inspired by the Missing Link Exhibit, Academy of Arts and Sciences, San Francisco, CA, August 1999. I referred to color photos in the book From Lucy to Language, by Donald Johanson, Blake Edgar (Contributor), and David Brill (Photographer). Clay masks are about 7x5". Raku firings were done in Wes Burns' sculpture class at West Valley College, Saratoga, CA - Summer 1999.

Raku is a Japanese method of glaze firing, using low heat in an outdoor kiln, the results of which are unpredictably beautiful. Colors are dependent on the amount of reduction during the firing process. The bone effect on the Gorilla skull is achieved by using a Crackle White Raku glaze. The Lucy skull, bottom right, has a shiny Lithium Blue glaze which can vary in color from green to turquoise to black. The australopithicines, top row, have a matte Copper Lithium glaze which can vary from royal blue to reddish bronze to gold.

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