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High Poly Characters
Rickselhi.jpg - 256 x 420 .jpgRick2hi.jpg - 256 x 420 .jpg
High Poly articulated avatar created in 3DStudio for OnLive! Technologies, 1994.  Photos of a potential benefactor were touched up in Fractal Painter to eliminate blemishes, while the receding hairline was replaced with a Caesar bowl haircut.

ruzmob320x256.jpg - Created in 3DStudio 2.0, 1992
Monsters created for Twin Dolphin Games' "Forgotten Castle," a Todd Porter Game, using 3DStudio 2.0, 1992.
Named after a company executive, the monsters are more reflecitve of the product development team.

ettinU160x240.jpg - 3D Studio, 1992.ettinF150x240.jpg - 3d Studio, 1992.
Two-headed Ettins created for Twin Dolphin Games' "Forgotten Castle," using 3DStudio 2.0, 1992.

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